Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Eggman

Ikeman, the Eggman, cooks him some eggs;
Gives him a lift without all the dregs.
Goes to a school to teach some kids
How to behave, tighten those lids.
Got to learn: “It ain’t all about me.”
“Get a grip” and be what you want to be.
Broken families are quite the fad;
Yes, even in the farmland it can get bad.
Might think it’s just a thing of the city,
But all the world has people to pity.
Teaches those boys to wrestle with style,
How to pin your opponent with a smile.
He’s a patient man without a wife
(Livin’ the dream without that strife).
But in due time, he’ll find a fine lady,
And grant us yet another grandbaby.
Married or single, he’s the man of the hour
Workin’ for the Lord with all that power,
Given by the Spirit of God, indeed;
He supplies His own with all they need. 

A.m. on 23 Nov. 2021

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