Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

How, Romanist Brethren?

24 Nov., 2021

How, Romanist Brethren, Can You Abide Biden?

If I were an inquisitor, considering the proposition of Roman Catholicism concerning the supremacy of the bishop of Rome, I would be immediately thwarted in 2021 by the ongoing very public membership of POTUS Biden in the Roman Catholic Church.  How is it that a Church which makes claims to holiness (which affirms, not perfection but, the practice of discipline ever in pursuit of holiness) can continue to maintain the membership of a scoundrel, yea, an apostate as is Joe Biden?

If the Church, in the face of such a failure, continues without correction, the members are confronted with the question:  Do I remain in an fellowship with such an unholy church – essentially a non-Church?  Am I not obliged to seek and find and join a real church, one which practices discipline?  One which is, thereby holy?

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