Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Obamanation

Any laudability he might have had
As the nation’s first black POTUS
Was lost by his pro-abort focus:
A disgrace to the nation as well as his race
As race was made such a big deal.
“First black President!” Who cares
When he wrapped us all up further
Into pagan, sodomite, pro-abort snares?
Nothing, indeed, but a damned abomination,
Severing those head and legs of babies
Yeah, he favored the killing of innocents!
And his support of it made no sense!
Who is more deprived of life
(Even than those full of strife)
Than the child butchered in the womb,
His God-given home made into a tomb?
O what a disgrace to a race
Which rose and was keeping pace
With all the colors of a nation
That had reduced them into degradation,
But did free them from pagan religion,
The true Gospel on many bestowing,
That the Kingdom might ever be growing.
A disgrace he was by all accounts;
The kind of POTUS a good Klansman flaunts.
But even now he could repent,
And yet he seems unwilling to relent,
Ever bent on Democrat perversion;
Need a full-blown excursion
From death to the path of life
Where love and joy is rife.

A.m. 29 Nov., 2021

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