Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Sleepin’ Through the Holocaust

Sleepin’ through the holocaust!
We got to pick the pace on up!
Got to lose this gross torpidity;
Step up to the plate before it’s too late
And the judgment falls on your head.
Get out on o’ your bed;
Time to wake up and rise.
Got sticks or stones or lead?
Hear those voices cryin’ out from the dead!
Round up all your friends;
Go on out to those iniquity dens;
Blow the “clinics” high into the sky!
Blind fools will ask you, “Why?”
Don’t know that babies die?
They are liars like the Devil
Who tell you to be level
And “Don’t go off the edge!”
Who duck the truth and hedge
When you look at them and say,
“I’m thinkin’ ’bout that Judgment Day!”

0844 on 24 Nov., 2021

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