Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


You first heard it here.  “Why, I’m cesarbeching, dear!”

It is my answer to my wife when she asks, as she does each day upon returning and finding me peacefully relaxing or busily tapping at my ‘puter:  “What did you do all day?”

I answer, “The usual cesarbech of course.”  

To which you (the reader) say, “What is that?”

To which I shall explain:  when you “cesarbech” you “c-e-s-a-r-b-e-c-h.”

That is, you:

Charge the ready
Exhort the timid
Scold the brashly bold
Advise the confused
Rebuke the wicked
Buck-up the weak                                         
Encourage the fainthearted
Correct the strays
Humble the proud.

It functions, then, as a noun or a verb.  (Pronunciation: see-ser-bech)

Cesarbech away, friends, and get your cesarbech together!  Fix the people; fix the world! 

2 June, 2020

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