Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Times, They Are Sleepy


No , the capitol riots did not constitute a legitimate revolution, but . . . neither did they signify any cause for rejection of the spirit of the protesters.  They are right to express utter rejection of any Democrat (read traitorous, pagan, blasphemous, etc.) party.  We have no legitimate bi-partisan system.  The Dems are morally no different than the Nazis.  And so, by denouncing the revolutionaries, we applaud NAZIs!

National Review is too . . . civilized (non-revolutionary and, thus, anti-patriotic)! 

NR, by its soft handling of the current NAZI/Democrats in power, may be judged as soft and comparable to NAZI-friendly folks who snuggled up to what they thought was a lesser evil than were the communists.  

Were Nazis, then, worse than Democrats today?  (Think of dehumanized babies in the womb, now, as they thought, then, of dehumanized Jews.)

Were there those who revolted, violently, against the Nazis?  We might have wished there were more of those such as the Edelweiss Pirates, The European Union (headed by Robert Havemann, a chemist, and Georg Groscurth, a doctor), and the White Rose movement (founded by Hans and Sophie Scholl and Christoph Probst).   There just was not enough resistance. 

We have the same problem. 

We, who have tolerated FIFTY YEARS of  the American Abortion Holocaust, cannot judge ourselves to be any better than those Germans who tolerated the arrest of the Jews.  (Indeed, in the midst of the chaos of war and the distance from the vision of the people where the holocaust was conducted makes the German look less dirty than as American people who have put up with baby-slaughter for FIVE DECADES!)

There are those pitifully lesser authenticated moralists, such as the BLM crowd, who have a zeal for puny, alleged, race “issues” (there is no injustice codified in law or judicial opinion which BLM agitators ) which are de facto much less morally demanding than the abolition of baby-butchery by abortion – talkin’ MURDER, folks!  Wake up time!!!!!

The BLM folks are nothing less than terrorists.  Wish they would take up the cause of unborn black babies and then mature to take on babies of all races. That is the current issue that justifies revolutionary action.  But these BLM baloneys are on the wrong side of this REAL ISSUE!

MBray on 14 June 2021

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