Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Two Harlots Before the King

1 Kings 3:16-28

Two harlots came and stood before the king
And one began to cry about a thing.
Said the other had stolen her very own son
Swapped her dead child and went on the run! (20)
Yeah, she woke up and looked real close (21)
Said the child was not comatose;
He was sho’nuf, downright dead!
But the child was another’s, she said.
“Naw, it it isn’t mine that died!
I’m tellin’ you, that woman lied!” (22)
“No, that dead boy belongs to you.
I’m tell you what is true!”
So the king said, “I’ll tell you what I’ll do.
“I’ll take that living child and cut him in two!
Then each of you will have a nice piece,
And the rest of us can live in peace! (25)
Then the real mom said, “No! No!”
Thought, “I got to let this thing go!”
Said, “I renounce my claim on the boy.” (26)
And the fake mom said, “Go ahead.
Guess there’s nothin’ more to be said.
Okay with me if you cut off his head.”
So the king had it all figured out.
He knew the real mom without a doubt. (26)
So he gave the live child to the real deal mother (27)
Don’t know what he did with the other.
The people knew now that the king was smart,
A man who loved justice with his heart (28)

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