Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Not A “Mandatable” Matter

No mask tyranny!  This is a pro-choice matter.  Can’t folks can’t figure out what is “mandatable” and what is not?  Apparently not!

Seat belts, masks, medicines, menus, neighborhoods, vacation destinations, employment, theater:  these are all matters of CHOICE. 

Some things, of course, are not “mandatable”: our parents, our race, our sex (until recently, for certain deluded folks), the sicknesses that befall us.  

What one does with his own health, apart from harming others, is his own business.  Breathing air freely is, well, everyone’s right.  

We think it not right to make choices which impose upon others. Though I may choose to smoke a cigar and thus pollute the air entering my lungs, that I should pollute the air going into another’s lungs is an offense.  My rights, then, have limitations.

If for one’s own heath he wishes to breathe freely without a mask and another wishes to protect himself from foul air by the use of the mask, let each choose according to his own volition.  Liberty! Choice!

What happened to legitimate choices?  We can choose to exercise liberty to butcher a baby that we don’t want, but we cannot cast off a mask that we don’t want? 

Who is this mandatary who thinks he knows best what is best for my health?  One has no freedom to go about in public without a mask, but one may butcher a baby freely?

I suspect many-a church is dutifully enforcing such mandates while making no demands of the people to stop the bloodshed in their neighborhood “clinic.”

We are a sick nation, indeed.

14 Sept., 2021

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