Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

If You Walk in My Ways

(1 Kings 3:14f.)

“If you walk in My ways
I’ll prolong your days,”
Said the Lord to Solomon.
Ah, but when he awoke
Said, “It must have been a joke!
I been dreamin’ like a fool again.” (15)
So he traveled along to Jerusalem,
Stood before the ark of the Lord,
Burned some offerings and did some chores. (15)
Well, before him came a couple whores. (16)
Said one to the king, “Let me tell you something.
We whores had a child, one each.
Hers died and mine was sweet as a peach.” (19)
Well, she swapped those kids in the night.
A sick puppy; she just ain’t right! (20)
I woke up and say my son was dead
But then I looked right close at his head. (21)
He wasn’t my son!  Not one bit!
She took mine an’ put ‘im on her tit! (23)
Well, the king came up with a scheme;
(Had more wits than what it seemed.)
Said, “We can cut dat boy in two.
Then we can satisfy each o’ you!” (25)
So the mother of the child spoke up.
Said, “The time has come for me to shut up! (26)
I renounce my claim on the child!” she cried
And they knew well that she had lied
Just to save the life of her son.
To save his life, she surrendered the fun
Of being a mother to another.

0800 on 10 Sept, 2021

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