Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Got No Sense of What’s True!

Anyone who supports abortion, to wit,
Morally speaking is a piece of shit
So why can’t we take his citizen’s’ rights
And put him on some outbound flight?
He got no sense of what’s true
We’re left with his judgments to rue,
Talkin’ ’bout a Right to Choose!
And somebody else’s life to lose.
Oh killers of babies are a mess
A truth that we must confess
They have no business casting a vote
Got the moral sense of a goat!
Just the way it is!  Simple truth!
You know when you lose a tooth,
No ferry comes around
To give you that money!
You’ momma done it for you, Honey!
So get with the program and see
That “tissue” is a real baby!
Got to burn those “clinics” to the ground
Call the troops, spread the word around!
You know, ain’t really nothin’ to it
 . . . . But to do it!

10 and 11 Sept., 2021 (a.m.)

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