Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

“A Time to Kill” (prior to suppression by the feds)

Michael Bray
2927 Tarragon Lane
Bowie, MD 20715

20 December, 1995

Merry Christmas Sherry, Dawn, Cathy, Andrew, and Paul
[Editors and publishers of Life Advocate magazine and A Time to Kill.]

We continue to thank God for your good work. You are a blessing to the Kingdom of God more than I believe you can know. Be strong. Persevere. We need your faithful and courageous pursuit and proclamation of the Truth.

The new year is bright with the prospect of victory at the very least because we are always victorious in Him.

Alas, back to business.

• Cheryl was taken back to Judge Brinkema today. When Cheryl declined again to answer question, Judge Leonie Brinkema said that her continued silence makes her appear to be hiding something. Silence implies guilt? The dear judge does not display much reverence for the Constitution of which the Fifth Amendment is no small part and which she swore to uphold.

• 50 tickets (half the available seats) are sold. I haven’t put up my money yet, as have not several – like maybe some of you all – who have indicated intentions to come. Payments come daily; might be a barrage in the beginning of January. Inside advice: get your dough in soon. We don’t want to turn away any esteemed and eminent guests.

• Calendar. Five copies on the way to you. Haven’t seen it yet. Bruce is well-pleased. Thanks so much for the advertizement.

• Book news. Associated Students of UCLA (apparently a book store carrying books used for various courses) has ordered another thirty books for a political science class. They had ordered 15 for a fall class.

I have an idea, Paul. How about contacting the professor of the class and investigating the class a bit? Is the professor a believer using the book to challenge the students from a political angle? (My most optimistic hopes ever arise.)

The phone numbers on the purchase order are Fax 310-206-7141. The billing phone is 310-206-0776. The actual purchase order is 002-821 78.

Pax, Mike

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