Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Marckles Alcius: jailed

Marckles Alcius: a “mug shot”  is not featured.  He was jailed on 16 Feb., 2018 and the personal data was displayed on various internet sites as follows:


Sex: M
DOB: Jul 2, 1986
Weight: 115 POUNDS
Hair Color: BLACK
Hair Length:
Eye Color: BROWN
Complexion: MEDIUM BROWN

I know it sounds a little blasphemous to some of you folks.  But it must be said that they treated Jesus much worse than Marckles.  And that is because Jesus was so much better than Marckles and the rest of us who have done so little in opposition to the holocaust.   Indeed, you get jailed or worse if you rescue the innocents. Here is my letter to him.

Michael Bray
308 High St.
Wilmington, OH 45177

20 Feb., 2018

Marckles Alcius SBI #546381E
Essex County Correctional Facility
354 Doremus Avenue
Newark, NJ 07105

Dear Mr. Alcius,

I read about your feat on a news service online called patch.com.  The sketchy report is that you did the nation and its children the service of damaging an abortuary where, like the death camps of the Nazis, they slaughter innocent children.

Good work.

I am sorry that in our national-wide time of blind compliance with and even protection of this holocaust those like you who do something about it are jailed rather than praised as heroes.

Well, I don’t know a thing about you.  I can’t judge your motives in the least.  All I can say is that your deed was in itself a good one and I do praise you for it.  Ignore anyone who tells you the contrary. Those who affirm the truth – the humanity of the child in the womb – cannot say otherwise.   Well done.  And may the Lord be with you.

You are welcome to correspond if you like.  I will pray for your wellbeing and that you are able to find good fellowship with Christians and the Word while you are pressing on with your present adventure.

Peace in Him,

Mike Bray




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