Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Been 50 Years

Been 50 years since I
Left that Academy,
And ’twas good to see Tom
A fellow plebe back in the day.
We had plenty to say,
Thinking about what was then
And what is now and when
All is past what will last.
A swimmer, a wrestler, and a player
Of the game on the grid iron.
Larry liked my girl friend.
I couldn’t even see her – on restriction.
(Tough on romance, that USNA;
No time for ladies night or day,
And some had to learn the hard way.)
Wonder what happened to Larry Van Loan?
Hope he is well and not alone.
When, at last, it’s said and done,
Annapolis was not much fun,
But I met the best of character there.
Wouldn’t trade if for any where.

8 Feb., 2021

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