Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Woman, You Whine!

Woman, you whine ‘gainst me too much
‘Bout makes me in need of a crutch!
O let me be to get on wid my day
(Lord, help me!  Got to find a way!)
Mercy, what shall I do?
What say, brothers?  You got it, too?
Dat woman a’ter you all da time?
What ‘chu say?  You gonna chime?
Your woman bug you and make you mad?
Lookin’ for a break so you can get glad?
Got to stop and so some calculatin’
Too much complaining and beratin’
People and politics all around
Can’t get enough o’ that same ol’ sound!
But in the end she’s always best for me
My girl!  My friend! My celebrity!
What then without my Jayne?
Sweeter than any ol’ honey bee!
My girl! My woman!  My wife!
Mine, O mine, for all o’ my life.

(Black southern twang version)
24(5) April at 0715

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