Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Medium from Endor

David said to Achish, the king of Gath
Got people chasin’ me on my path
Said, “If I have found favor in your sight
I need a place to live, if that’s alright.”
So Achish gave him Ziklag on that day (27:6)
He raided those Girzites with no delay (8)
Not a man or a woman did he leave alive (11)
In the South of the Kenites called Negev  (10)
Now the Philistines gathered their people for war (28:1)
And Saul found a medium from Endor (7)
Disguised himself and made a visit to ask (8)
“Conjure for me please if you don’t mind a task.
Got a job for you, don’t need to be meek
Gonna use our wits and got to be sleek.”
But the witch said to him, “You hold your breath!
You’re laying down a snare, gonna bring my death” (9)
So Saul made a vow, said, “As the Lord lives
You won’t get in trouble!¬† What gives?” (10)
Then she brought up Samuel’s spirit for Saul
And she knew it took some gall.
Saw Samuel all wrapped up in a robe (28:14)
Well, David attacked those cities
And it wasn’t too pretty
The man just took no jive
Left not a woman or man alive (27:9)

(1 Sam. 27, 28)

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