Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

360 Taken Down

(2 Sam. 2:31-3:5)

Three hundred sixty was the number of men
Taken down by the servants of David
And along came a war – yeah, long!
‘Tween David and the men of Saul
Bul ol’ Saul was shrinkin’ down
While David was keepin’ up!
Had the wives to make those lives
Ans build him an army to fight!
So he had to stay busy at night
Spent some time with Abinoam
And couldn’t neglect Abigail.
Wouldn’t make Maacah seethe,
Did a turn with a lady, Haggith,
Then did some time with one Eglah.
Must have been getting’ kind o’ raw

28 April 2021

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