Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Godless Dems Haven’t a Clue!

Are there more RINOs than GOPs,
Or all they all just faking dopes?
One would hope that there are those
Who the door on truth do not close.
May there be those who hold fast,
Avoiding that Judgment coming at last!
What good it is to forsake the truth?
What do you teach your youth?
To take the easy wrong path
Over the hard right road?
Anything to lighten their load?
Those, as they say, who stand for nothing
Do, indeed, fall easily for anything.
What is worth more to hold than truth?
Any how know we justice without it?
The Godless Dems haven’t a clue
And in the end screw me and you.

16 Dec., 2022

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