Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

A Message of Thanks for the Hell-bound

9 October, 2019

God uses all of His creation for His purposes.  Among humans He has some “vessels of wrath” and others whom He has redeemed as is saving from the wrath to come.  We focus our minds generally upon our Savior and occupy ourselves regularly with organized gatherings in which we thank Him corporately and with great pomp and singing and expressions of praise and thanks.

Those hell-bound folks remind us of own in-born stubbornness and the proposition that we would also be trapped in such unholy, pompous, selfish rebellion were it not for His intervening rescue action by means of the very Spirit of God.  Yes, the Father sent the Holy Spirit to awaken our spirits in order that we might respond to His sacrificial goodness toward us.

The hell-bound are a living reminder of what it could have been for us, had He not shown mercy upon us and sovereignly opened our hears and minds to understand His love and mercy for us poor, rebellious, disgusting sinners.  Vessels of wrath, they serve His purposes, among which are those which benefit His chosen. 

Indeed He does much for His elect, even sending His own Son to die.  It is a small thing, then, to make use of one of his disgusting, rebellious, blasphemous creatures according to his will and for His purposes. 

This is the prerogative of the merciful, almighty, and purposeful God whose ways are past finding out.

And so, for those who shall go into eternity, those of our own human family who will go away from us forever, we bid you thanks and good bye.  And we are sorry for you and your rebellion and humbly grateful that God has mercifully and inexplicably chosen us to know Him while allowing you to venture forth after your “natural instincts.”

Goodbye.  It is hard to imagine how we shall forget you and enjoy His undeserved mercy.  But somehow, in His powerful, holy, and perfect will, it shall be done.

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