Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Peace Corp Monica

11 Oct., 2019

Peace Corp Monica

Re: https://www.lifenews.com/2019/10/10/new-planned-parenthood-global-director-admits-our-main-job-is-to-attack-president-trump/

Well, well, well, Monica Kerrigan, the Peace Corp hero, learned from that lefty organization, one can presume, how one ought to regard humanity (just another animal type)  and what a drag people are to the planet.  Those humanoids do populate and pollute.  Got to reduce their numbers!  Of course, ain’t no God up there in control!  And surely he didn’t make us in an image any different from a monkey’s!  Look at those monkeys.  Don’t they look cute?  We are just like them.  Just another animal.  Forget all this imago Dei nonsense!  We are all ANIMALS.  We eat, screw, and do as we please with no accountability to any one!  We are especially unaccountable to that traditional “God” of the Christians!   Such a backward bigot, favoring Jews over gentiles and all discrimination against the uncircumcised!  Prejudice! 

Why that bigoted God!  He didn’t  allow fags to be fags!

Monica says, in the name of “global health,” that we must curb the population levels by means, of course, of abortion.  Got to kill those babies before they come out of their mothers and make yet  more of those damned humans.

(Understandable – such sentiments – when  one considers the depravity of mankind and all the wickedness he brings to the world . . .)

Cut their throats, slice their arms off, pull their hearts out.  Just do it!  Get rid of the vermin.  Those nasty humans! 

Yes, people are pretty nasty, given the disgusting sin-ridden filth that humanity lives and moves and breathes in ever since the fall in that garden when Adam and Eve turned bad.

But, somehow, the Almighty thought that such disgusting critters were actually so valuable that He was willing to lower Himself way, way down to our level and even allow such disgusting creations of His own, to abuse and murder Himself when he presented Himself – Messiah.  

That is why we stand for those dirty, little, helpless babes, bitch!  He died for them.  And so ought we.


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