Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Our Sickening Civility

14 Oct., 2019

Our polite civility with which we proudly encounter our pagan, baby-killing, racist (discriminating against a class of humanity residing in wombs throughout the land) fellow citizens must be disgusting.  A stench in the nostrils of a holy God.

How neighborly and friendly we are to those who persist in their support and advocacy of genocide!  Such civility may well be abhorrent to the Father of those little ones slaughtered in our vicinity.

The Father looks down upon those whose duty it is to protect His innocent ones.  Yet, those protectors have persisted in the pursuit of their own pleasure and comfort, ignoring for decades the shedding of innocent blood right in their neighborhoods.  Right before their eyes, if they looked behind the doors of their neighborhood “family planning” facility. 

On and on it goes.  We go to work, to church, and on to vacation here or there.  And we look the other way, waiting – when the subject comes up maybe every year at the “Right to Life March” or at some election or other.

But we aren’t even “waiting.”  We are IGNORING the fact.  The holocaust. 

We are a disgusting people.  A nation ripe for His righteous wrath.

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