Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Biden Is a Real Apostate

Ya know, Biden is a real apostate
And ain’t got any kind o’ prostate.
Hates what he’s s’posed to love
And loves what he’s s’posed t’ hate.
Produced a fool by the name o’ Hunter
Like his daddy, quite a blunder.
Seems to me riots are the least
To be done in response to these beasts
In power in the swamp of D.C.
But what does it matter to me
Living far away out here in Ohio?
Ah, those feds have a reach my-o-my-o!
Don’t know why those bro’s
Of the Holy Roman fold
Haven’t knocked his ass out cold!
An apostate of great disgrace
Ought not be in any kind of race,
Except running from the devil
On the way on down to hell.

1330 on 19 Nov, 2021

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