Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Fag-friendly, Pro-abort, Pervert Democrats

How is such a party is even legally (not to mention morally) legitimate?  This is a party which stands, by its own official party policy, in support of the slaughter of human babies and of the legalized sodomy.

How is it that churches have not disciplined (resulting is excommunication) their stubborn or unrepentant or ignorant members who maintain any affiliation with such an obscene, perverted, heretical organization?

Democrats are morally in the same camp or moral company with Nazis, slavers (manstealers), KKKers, and sodomites.  Dump your mansuetude, dude!  Got to get rude with the wicked.  I’m tellin’ you now!  Don’t know how those bums, those heretics, those pro-abort, Nazi-like freaks remain tolerated by any moral American!

In conclusion:  Dump Democrats!

19 Sept., 2021

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