Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Mar Lago Diversion

A Mar Lago Consideration . . .

Let me recite what I sent out recently via email regarding all the Mar Lago mania:

There is nothing Trump has done which is more criminal that the Democrat Party support of abortion. Meditate on THAT truth for a while before entertaining yourself with petty accusations about Mar Lago!

Got that?  Get perspective, fools.  Don’t be drawn into discussions about petty accusations concerning  political maneuvering.  Get on grip on the HOLOCAUST which the damned Dems continue to support! 

Getting one’s knickers in a knot over Mar Lago is like being irritated over Lincoln’s beard rather than the manstealing, slavery, and murder which the nation tolerated

The Mar Lago distraction is like a stupid commercial distracting one from the show.

29 Aug., 2022

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