Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

January, 2021

Biden and Eucharist

Why Does the Church Still Abide Biden? He is, de facto, a heretic.  He champions the sin of child-slaughter by abortion.  He has perpetrated this sin publicly for many years.   And more recently, as a pursuer of the office of POTUS, he has propounded his damned doctrine quite broadly throughout the fruited plain.  His holding […]

Church Discipline in America 2021

How would the churches of America in 2021 receive a candidate for membership who affirmed himself to be a Nazi in support of the freedom of municipalities to incarcerate or terminate Jews?  Unpopular, even despised, as such an ideologue would be, his attempt at membership would be denied.  Indeed, he would most likely be asked […]

Where Went They?

Gone our fellow house dwellers? Did they fly away? Suddenly we realize Gone they are all day! Kids up and left Found new cribs to live In with husbands, indeed! Oh, they did grow up, Gone and on their own. Got their own telephone Even a whole new address Where they make their own mess […]

O That Biden. . . Hidin’

A sick nation of perverts Puts a Biden in power! What a wilted flower This nation has become! How absolutely dumb To put a man so plumb Ignorant of Justice At the helm!  What the hell! Just sick to stick with Dems Who damn the nation With their false teaching, To the wicked reaching And […]

AIDS, Then Corona

The Lord sent AIDS in response To popular abortion and sodomy, But the warning was not heeded. Indeed, when we refuse to respond To such chastisement and repent And mend our ways, Then a thorough judgment is sent In love from heaven above –Yes, a spanking from on high.And who would deny That the Corona […]

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