Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

O That Biden. . . Hidin’

A sick nation of perverts
Puts a Biden in power!
What a wilted flower
This nation has become!
How absolutely dumb
To put a man so plumb
Ignorant of Justice
At the helm!  What the hell!
Just sick to stick with Dems
Who damn the nation
With their false teaching,
To the wicked reaching
And telling them they are okay
And that they can stay
Just as they are, a far stray
From the doctrine and way
Of the Truth and the Life.
Yes, he would leave the sinner
To sin as he grows weak and thinner
Under the weight of his own corruption.
Don’t want any disruption
Of the “progress” being made,
Faked by that communist jade.
O that Biden would go into hidin’!

1006 on 20 Jan., 2021

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