Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Neo-Nazi Party

To no political entity is that title better suited than the damned Democratic party of the United States.  It is by virtue (rather lack of “virtue”) of the fact of their support of the genocide of children in the womb that makes them a morally disqualified political party in the United States – that “one Nation under God,” as we like to think of it – or any civilized nation.

Yes, their unabashed, even militant support of child-slaughter under the perverse euphemistic expression, “a woman’s right,” continues to drive the party in a true Nazi-like fashion.  They charge onward, fanatically promoting child-slaughter as Hitler’s Germans promoted the genocide of Jews as well as neighboring nations in the name of “lebensraum” – the convenience of more living space.   Indeed, “convenience” is quite the idol for many. 

“Whatever makes you more comfortable, my dear,” we seem to say to the woman troubled by a new baby in her womb.  “We can help you get rid of it if you want.  It is your choice.”

Yes, but choice to murder is not a good principle to attempt to uphold.  The right to abuse the innocent never turns out well for anyone.

Well, the damned Dems have taken the White House, again – a tragedy for anyone with a lick of moral sense in his head.  

May the Lord send us a deliverer, a revolution, any solution to this wickedness.  It cannot be expected that such a nation can endure under the eye of a just God!

 But then, again, His forbearance and toleration of wickedness – his withholding of judgment well deserved – is really a feature of His vast mercy.  The nations of this world, along with each of us, have earned His righteous wrath.   Every day we survive under His mercy and by His grace.

14 Jan., 2021

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