Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

She Hid Those Spies

You gotta lie like Rahab sometimes
If you want to please the Lord.
There’s a time to tell the truth
And a time to lie like a sleuth.
That Jericho king wanted her to sing,
But Rahab had better things to do.
Had the Lord to obey and people to save.
In some stalks of flax she hid those spies,
Told pursuers some whoppers and lies.
What a good lady she was
On board with the spies’ cause.
Knew they were God’s followers.
National pride?  Had to swallow hers.
Yeah, you got to tell that lie
For justice and truth; do or die.
Separate wrong from right,
Stay steady in the fight.

0830 re Joshua 2 on 14 Jan., 2021

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