Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

AIDS, Then Corona

The Lord sent AIDS in response
To popular abortion and sodomy,
But the warning was not heeded.
Indeed, when we refuse to respond
To such chastisement and repent
And mend our ways,
Then a thorough judgment is sent
In love from heaven above –
Yes, a spanking from on high.
And who would deny
That the Corona Plague
Is a judgment from God
Who has patiently waited
For 50 years for a nation to turn
Form the folly of baby-butchery?
Such divine patience and tolerance
Might be thought criminal, indeed,
Given the gravity of massive bloodshed.
But the Almighty measures justice
And mercy, resolving the two principles,
Beyond our understanding.
Best to repent now and hope for His
Continued forbearance and forgiveness.
And yet, many a fool denies that this
Is a divine punishment!
Let us awaken and spur one another on
To call the nation to repentance
That we may find national relief.
Pray for clinic bombers and their protection.
Hail them as divine messengers
Bringing a warning to the nation.
Call those who have sought life
In the sodomitic lifestyle
To be enlightened with the Truth.
Inspire them to turn and love Your Law
And to be zealous for holy living.

13 Jan., 2021

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