Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Joshua Lifted His Eyes

Nearing Jericho and seeing a man
Joshua lifted his eyes
And saw a sword in his hand
“Are you for us or our enemies?
I really want to know!”
“Neither!  I am the captain of the Lord’s hosts!”
Said he.  And down on his face went Josh.
(That angel must have looked ferocious –
Enough to chill out even the boisterous.)
When they arrived at the city
They found it shut quite tight,
So they marched around without a fight.
Seven priests blew their trumpets
Followed by those with that box
With commands written on rocks.
For six days they marched
But once daily around the town
And every day to the trumpets sound.

(Judges 6:13)
21 Jan., 2021

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