Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Put the Killers in the Tomb

Joshua stirred up a flurry!
Five kings were in a hurry
To hide themselves in a cave.
“No matter,” said Josh, “We got this!
Lock ’em up with some stones.”
He came back when the war was over.
Said, “Open the cave and bring ’em out!!”
Kings of Eglon, Lachish and Jarmuth
And even Hebron and Jerusalem.
Did ’em in real swift.
Gave their spirits a lusty lift!
Got us some Democrats quite worse,
Always plundering the people’s purse,
Killin’ babies with those taxes.
Time for men to get some axes,
Take those baby-killers out.
That’s what love is all about.
Rescue innocents from abortion!
Do not falter from distortion:
Those are babies in the womb.
Put the killers in the tomb

0730 on 20 Jan., 2021 re Joshua 10

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