Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Church Discipline in America 2021

How would the churches of America in 2021 receive a candidate for membership who affirmed himself to be a Nazi in support of the freedom of municipalities to incarcerate or terminate Jews?  Unpopular, even despised, as such an ideologue would be, his attempt at membership would be denied.  Indeed, he would most likely be asked to desist from  even visiting the church.  In fact, churches are concerned about their reputations and avoid any charge of that which is quite unpopular – racism. 

How, by the same principle, do American churches handle the prospective membership of a person who affirms contemporary Nazism?   That is: how would they – even DO they – receive someone who favors the continuing abortion holocaust? 

The answer, sadly, is that they receive such members with no qualms!

What is to be said about the churches of our nation?  Are they operating any better than the Nazi churches which tolerated the Holocaust? 

25 Jan., 2021

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