Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill


Fag-friendly, Pro-abort, Pervert Democrats

How is such a party is even legally (not to mention morally) legitimate?  This is a party which stands, by its own official party policy, in support of the slaughter of human babies and of the legalized sodomy. How is it that churches have not disciplined (resulting is excommunication) their stubborn or unrepentant or ignorant […]

How Democrat?

How does a man vote Democrat (The party of perversion – simple as that)? Pro-baby-murder and -sodomy From the law of God set free! That “Do your own thing” mentality Where you can’t tell Right from Wrong Livin’ by the light of the bong, Casting God’s Word by the way side Sending the nation down […]

Save the Nation!

Excrete Biden, abort the Court, honor the Law of God.  There really is no better way than God’s way as revealed in His commands, the Big Ten.  And the flagrant rejection of them exhibited in the decriminalization of sodomy and abortion is a glowing example of the disdain which our leadership has shown God and His […]

A Tuesday Meditation

Why Tolerate Democrats? “Science will always be at the forefront of my administration,” says Biden.  Thanks POTUS Joe.  You da man! TONY LAUINGER writing for Life News on  Feb 9, 2021  had this report on the progress of the Biden administration: Dr. Anthony Fauci, “America’s doctor,” is a close Biden advisor. Tragically, this respected physician, […]

On Biden’s Standing

. . . as a Good Catholic” Why has “The Church” failed to excommunicate this mega heretic? (“Now dat doh make no see-ance!” as some observers might remark. Excommunication is for heretics and unrepentant sinners!  Yes, and Biden, the un-equivocating advocate of the abortion holocaust, is both.  So why the dereliction in carrying out the […]

Biden and Eucharist

Why Does the Church Still Abide Biden? He is, de facto, a heretic.  He champions the sin of child-slaughter by abortion.  He has perpetrated this sin publicly for many years.   And more recently, as a pursuer of the office of POTUS, he has propounded his damned doctrine quite broadly throughout the fruited plain.  His holding […]

O That Biden. . . Hidin’

A sick nation of perverts Puts a Biden in power! What a wilted flower This nation has become! How absolutely dumb To put a man so plumb Ignorant of Justice At the helm!  What the hell! Just sick to stick with Dems Who damn the nation With their false teaching, To the wicked reaching And […]

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