Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

How Democrat?

How does a man vote Democrat
(The party of perversion – simple as that)?
Pro-baby-murder and -sodomy
From the law of God set free!
That “Do your own thing” mentality
Where you can’t tell Right from Wrong
Livin’ by the light of the bong,
Casting God’s Word by the way side
Sending the nation down a slide
Into an abyss of immorality
As if we had no mortality!
But bodies to be raised from the dirt
Before God without pants or shirt,
Facing Him all humiliated
By sin thoroughly degraded.
Yeah, we all got a destiny!
Who will be your eternal company?
The devil and his fellow wicked spirits?
Turn to the Word!  You got to hear it!
Dump that God-forsaken party.

31 Nov., a.m. 2021

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