Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

You Know Our POTUS Is A POS

You know our POTUS is a POS
A pain even to the whore, THE US.
So with anyone who supports butchery
(Talkin’ babies in the womb, ya’see.)
Yeah, Biden is a piece o’ shit;
Got no common sense to wit.
It’s the¬† truth: ¬†talkin’ Law and Justice.
Got to get him out from amongst us!
Need a righteous dog in that House;
Not one who cowers like a mouse.
Need someone who holds up the Law,
Who bows to the Holy one with awe
And honors those Holy Big Ten,
Rather than his own foolish ken.
O Lord, give us one who can rule
Not a bungling, Lawless fool.
Help us to repent and walk straight
To live upright and enter that gate.

1000 on 13 Sept., 2021

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