Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Five Decades of Tolerated Abortion

26 March, 2021

To what has the world come?

There was more respect for a Vietnam vet coming home to a crowd of hippies in the 60s than there is for a clinic bomber coming to a church picnic.  

Not much power of discernment these days.  Can’t figure out right from wrong.

Do we hate the evil and love the good?  Do we love God’s Law and hate violations of it?

Whether you are fighting commies, the darlings of the Lefties, or blowing up abortuaries, the sacrament of the same, you will not be approved by “the world.”  Just as those spiritually blind Pharisees rejected Jesus, so will Democrats and some Republican wannabes  reject those who use effective (forceful) means to stop the holocaust. 

There was a reason for the tearing up the temple which had been turned into a whorish religious idol.  It was a means of deception and a weapon of death to the souls of blind Jews.  

The local abortuary is the whore of those “free thinking progressives” who, having cast Truth and Law (the very Word of God) away in favor of “democratic” morality, do cast their own souls into hell.

One would have thought that the apostate, Biden, would have at least undergone excommunication by the Roman Church.  But, no, the authorities had priorities had other than to give guidance to one of their members who was in power in the highest office in the land.  

Justice?  Morality? Church holiness?  Such was abandoned for the favor of a depraved “voter base.”  Indeed, many church members, favoring the decadent candidate, could not be insulted and turned away from Mother Church.

And so the nation suffers under a murderous apostate because the “Church” sinned by failing to discipline its own. 


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