Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The King of Gath

The Lord will be between you and me
Said Jon to the king to-be
Bowed three times and set himself free,
They departed and Jon went into the city.
David went to Nob, found a priest on the job
Ahimelech was his name.
“Why are you alone?”
“Don’t you know you got no home?”
“You got to get out o’ here!”
So the priest gave him bread (21:6)
A special kind o’ wheat; it was holy!
Then he pulled out a sword that was famous;
Belonged to a pagan who tried to tame us. (9)
So he arose that day, went to Achish, King of Gath
And acted like a man who lost his mind. (13)
“Do I lack men? Why you bring him to my person?”
So David ran away to the forest of Hereth (22:5)

(1 Sam. 20-22)
0800 on 29 March, 2021

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