Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Jessica, My MT (Mental Trainer)

She functions like a coach,
Instructs in technique,
Presents strategy, and
Cheers when I get it right.
Encouragement and praises
Accompany all her ways
And it makes my days
Go by with greater ease.
I like to be productive and deliver
Something useful for my own
And for the nation and the world.
We are His servants whom He saved
From that death well deserved
And when our deeds are observed
And found to have served
Others for what is good and right,
We can rejoice for all who helped
Us walk the path that ends for all the same.
And for those of us who remain
Together at any given time on this road
We must thank those whose job to goad
Us on to overcome handicaps comes to an end.
Time will come to say goodbye to this friend.

16 Mar., 2021 at 1036

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