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Prisoners and other Servants

A Toast to the Criminally Insane

For Life Advocate magazine, July 1997 issue Leland Smart was minding his own business in Leavenworth. He had completed five of his 20-year sentence; lots of time to go. One way to pass the time is to make a little hooch. (No crime, Christian friends. He wasn’t making a fortune bootlegging like those plutocrat Kennedys […]

Manslayers I Have Known

Michael Bray 7 December 2011   Well, I got my name in the paper!  – for doing something “cool”! It’s true!  I wasn’t contending for those despised and rejected little ones.  I was doing other, more regular good works.  Nevertheless, it brings up the subject of manslaughter. Here in Wilmington, Ohio, we had our first […]

Trackin’ Leland

July, 2009 Trackin’ Leland Leland Smart was released from prison eighteen months ago. I came to know him after he was imprisoned for shooting holes in abortuary windows and I wrote of him as follows in the July 1997 Life Advocate magazine: Lucy Chatman is not Leland’s legal stepmother; he had had lots of legal […]

Conversing with James Kopp

Conversing with James Kopp His Disappointments and Exhortations The following was unpublished until July, 2011 Michael Bray 15 February, 2003 On 22 January, the 30th anniversary of the Day of Infamy, Bill Koehler and I were able to visit Jim Kopp in the Buffalo’s City Jail. Mr. Koehler is a long-time friend of Mr. Kopp, […]

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