Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

To John

5 Oct., 2020 (evening)

You know there were those prophets
Who showed us the way
John Brockhoeft was one of those boys
He toyed with politics of “pro-life”
But then gave up his own life
So a mocker once said
“He blew up the clinic real good”
Yeah, he stood
Ain’t it sick?
Had to pick
‘Tween right and wrong
Not tempted by the bong
Or a fancy lady
No, he was ready
He did that deed
Had no need
For anyone’s say-so
He was in the know
Had the Book
Took a look
Saved a lot of babies
Lots of boys and ladies
Give thanks above
For his sacrificial love

(To be read with that rap spirit)

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