Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Miscarriage and the Death of Infants

Long ago, we lost a child.  Anastasia died in the womb, and so our grief was not like that of parents who lose a child whom they have come to know and with whom they have traded laughter and smiles.  (Perhaps we would miss her more had it not been for eleven others to distract us from our grief.  But we do think of her and rejoice in the hope we have in the resurrection and joining with her and that glorious company of the redeemed from all the world over all time.)  Regardless, we are well comforted by the confidence we have that we will see her on the “other side” where those bought by the blood of Jesus will gather and enjoy one another’s company forever.

Whether you have lost a child through the madness of abortion or by the misfortune of miscarriage, there is hope for you and relief from grief in God’s promises.  And specifically, there is hope in the Law, given by Moses.

When the disciplinary “ban” was imposed by God upon Israel in consequence of their rebellion against His direct commands under the leadership and authority of Joshua whom God had installed to ruler over them.  God commanded the people to cross the Jordan, trusting Him for the protection that He would provide according to His will and promise.  The land on the other side had been promised to them by God, Himself.  Their duty was to obey and to take what He was giving them (Dt. 1:39). 

God’s mercy upon the little ones, who though “conceived in sin” – even as the creeds affirm along with the Scriptures – are given special treatment by God.  The testimony of the Scriptures provides encouragement and comfort to those who have lost young ones. Despite their status as heirs of the sin nature along with the rest of the human race, they are treated, apparently with special grace.  

And woe to those who seize upon such hope for God’s grace upon the little ones as an excuse to  submit to their wicked inclination to murder a child by abortion!  That would be akin to arguing that every newly baptized Christian is best dispatched to heaven lest he fall away into sin and damnation.  (May it never be!)

“Forbid not the little ones to come to me” are words from our Lord which remind us of His special grace for those “little ones” indeed in the womb.

5 Oct., 2020

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