Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Provision for the Slaying

. . . Of the Unwanted Abortionist

5 Oct., 2020

Bad economy? Tough times? Check out the moral state of the Union. The shedding innocent blood is not a good recipe for divine favor. Many who don’t care about those yet in the womb, but selfishly consider their own well-being as a citizen of a nation under divine disfavor. Stop the blood-flow to fix the nation.

Reading through the Law en route to covering the entire Pentateuch in a year, I have reached Numbers, chapter 35 (I am way behind, I say by way of a personal note of confession).  In the beginning of the chapter one finds a provision for justifiable homicide.  One might well apply the principle contemporarily in the case of what might be called the “unwanted abortionist.”

Moses (see vv. 6-12) foresees a situation in fallen humanity for which some guidance is needed. Apparently, the imago Dei in man notwithstanding, some homicides are justified. The situation was foreseen, a feature of fallen humanity for which some guidance was needed.  In a world corrupted by the moral perversion of the human spirit where folks would commit horrible crimes in fulfillment of their depraved selfishness, there was a need for some instruction to enable the people to carry out justice.

We can only imagine the situation of the unwanted abortionist who, having been granted permission to butcher babies as a livelihood by a depraved citizenry and its judges, roves about towns and neighborhoods, as a citizen, enjoying all the rights and privileges of citizenship!   Such a condition would engender the proliferation of numerous legal camps throughout the land making various efforts to legislate a remedy or install alternate judges.  There needed to be some guidance for the loyal patriot to carry out privately the duty to protect the innocent and restore order to the nation urgently rather than allow a holocaust to proceed over years and decades.

What can be gleaned from the statute that might aid our navigation through the current moral quandary?  We are obliged to protect the innocent and we are forbidden to commit or tolerate the commission of murder. 

The quandary is resolved as we remember that the murderer is not an innocent man worthy of the protection of the law or government or police.  No one engaged in acts of murder is protected by the Law or Justice.  True law and justice permit life saving, drastic, forceful and even lethal intervention on behalf of the innocent ones.

Baby killers (a.k.a. abortionists or “providers” – of death) make life downright deadly for themselves.


Out with “abortion” – i.e. child-murder,


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