Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

On Patriotism

I think of those punk hippies who whined about our nation’s involvement in a war to keep communist oppression from continuing to abuse a nation of people in Viet Nam.  Their peace-love-lawless immorality was disgusting.  But I wonder about the state of our patriotism today.  Surely, we are glad to have Trump rather than the Obamanation.  We can thank God for that relief.  But what exactly is our temperament on this matter of “patriotism”? 

Certainly anyone who has seen anything close to anarchy can appreciate order of ANY sort.  Communist governments, even in their oppression, provided a measure of order.  Depraved humanity is capable of all manner of disastrous tragedy when left unhinged by some constitutional or outside restraint.  Rebellions correct corrupt leaders; nations correct other nations.  As sin continues its infection of humanity, there will always be wars if not in our midst rumored elsewhere.

And in all this history, year after year, rebellion after rebellion, war after war, people rejoice when peace and order is re-established.

Peace, for peace’s sake, is not a good thing.  Peace is good when justice is established.

There is no justice in our land for the unborn.  We Americans deserve and can expect no peace.  And a patriot who serves justice will choose which side of the war to serve when it breaks out between those who would establish justice for in innocents and punishment for those who slaughter those still in the womb in the name of “choice” and “women’s rights.”  Such “freedom” is nothing but evil in disguise.

6 Oct., 2020

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