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Author of A Time To Kill

Letter to Trump from Cathy Ramey – June, 2018

President Donald Trump
1600 NW Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, D.C.  20500

June 22, 2018

Dear President Trump,

I apologize if there is an official way to address you that I am unaware of. This is a personal letter; I am not a person holding office, bearing an official title or of any great significance.

I am writing to tell you that I believe you are a man who is aware of the laws of nature as put in place by Almighty God. An immovable object cannot be displaced except by an equal or greater force. (Newton’s first Law of Motion)

I speak of the restoration of morals here in America. The Abortion-Lobby has seduced most Americans–even those opposed to this evil–so that there is a general presumption that the Abortion Industry is invincible. But they are cowards. What is necessary is for a greater force, which you have been granted by God as President of this Union, to expose that evil industry for the spineless cowards they are.

There are people who have righteously fought against the murder of Unborn children; many of these have been in prison or are in prison for daring to protect helpless children with whatever force they were able to muster. Yes, I am talking about people who, to save the lives of children, have burned abortion facilities, injured or killed abortionists in an effort to prevent them from their determined and well-documented commitment to infanticides. Under a moral culture, these people would never have had to place themselves at risk; law enforcement and a just Judiciary would have reined in terrorists like abortionists without the need of private individuals having to resort to force in order to protect their victims.

Abortionistic Jack-the-Ripper acts would have been punished swiftly and without apology. But unfortunately, a deep, dark culture of evil (Marxist ideologues) worked long and hard to cloak murder in a facade of “compassion” and redefine honest men and women into what the public has been deceived into thinking of as “criminals.”

Please grant the following prisoners a Pardon. This simple act will be profound in restoring human dignity to the Unborn, their Defenders, and to the nation. The public will be challenged to reconsider the dehumanizing rhetoric of the Abortion Lobby.

The Abortion industry rhetoric is no different than the rhetoric of the Third Reich which blamed Jews and others for German poverty, crime, unemployment and so much else. Today their words suggest that the “unwanted” Unborn will only increase poverty for their mothers; only grow up to act as vandals and criminals; burden the earth with a population of “useless eaters and the unproductive.” These excuses, for suggesting Medical Murder can be justified, are no more legitimate than a list of justifications given by Adolph Hitler, Josef Mengele, or Adolph Eichmann.

Please consider offering a Presidential Pardon to the following heroic individuals:

Curtis Beseda, who fire-bombed abortion facilities in the state of Washington. He served nearly 20-years in prison, suffered from a severe mental breakdown and is mentally ill to this day.

Michael Bray of Wilmington, Ohio, convicted of Conspiracy to Commit Arson against abortion facilities. He served four years of separation from his wife and small children.

Michael Griffith of Pensacola, Florida, sentenced to 25-years for shooting and stopping the abortionist  David Gunn before he entered his facility to continue killing in 1993.

Rachelle Shannon of Grants Pass, Oregon, who, starting in 1993, served 24-years in prison and is still under a parole sentence for shooting a notorious 3rd-trimester murderer in the elbow. (He returned to murdering Unborn children the next day.)  She also pled guilty to small arson attacks at four abortion facilities.

Paul Jennings Hill, posthumously as he was executed by the state of Florida in 2003 for killing abortionist John Brittan and his armed bodyguard, James Barrett. He acted in 1994, before they could enter the abortion facility to commence murdering more children.

James Kopp of New York who killed an abortionist, Barnett Slepian, in that state around 1998. He resides in prison to this day.

Scott Roeder, who in 2009 went to Wichita and killed the notorious abortionist George Tiller (wounded by Shannon) who was violating the abortion laws in Wichita but was being shielded by a Democrat political crony, Kathleen Sebelious, in exchange for large donations to her campaigns.

There are likely many heroes out there that I do not know; I have heard of Don-Benny Anderson, Dennis and Lorreta Malvasi, John Brockhoeft, Marjorie Reed, Frances Grady and Clayton Lee-Waagner. Each of these too are said to have given up their freedom and their lives to try and save Unborn children.

Our strength is small, including thousands like me who blocked abortion facility doors to end the slaughter and awaken America to the evils being done under the banner of “Freedom of Choice.” But such tactics cannot match the force needed to restore moral sanity to a nation that no longer honors God and His Moral Law.

If you pardon all of these people, President Trump, I believe God will supply the strength, wisdom and courage necessary for facing down the yellow-spined creatures who would demand a strident defense to protect their own lives, but who are always eager to profit from the blood of others who are weaker than they are.

I believe, unlike past presidents, that God has fortified your spine toward greater things than you know. You are a great entrepreneur, builder and motivator, but I believe He would be well pleased to see you take on an even more formidable task than you have ever encountered because only a moral nation can survive United, without internal war, and able to stand as a leader to all other nations of the world.

Please, I urge you, be that greater force by using the powers God has given you. Stand against the murder of Unborn children by removing the whitewash of legitimacy our [shadow] government has allowed these murderers to hide under for the past 100-years and more.

Remove the stain of “criminality” they have used against God-fearing Christians. Abolish their evil goal to delegitimize all morally allowed defenses against the weak. For now it is largely the Unborn who are at risk of wanton murder, but more and more we see the same justifications flaunted to murder the disabled, elderly and others considered to be of no use to these pretend-elitists.

Pardon the listed individuals and assert with many of us in this nation that all persons, including those who dwell in the womb, are entitled to equal rights and protections. Whatever this nation asserts under God to be morally licit for the protection of the Born, should also be morally licit for the Unborn.

May God grant you wisdom and strength. Future generations count on you. If you can muster the courage, these generations will remember you before Almighty God and call you blessed for doing what is right in the sight of God and for saving their lives.

With Deep Respect and Hope,

Catherine Iris-Marie Ramey, M.Div.

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