Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Wilmington Resolution: 2018

Wilmington, Ohio


Abortion Free Zone

(No innocent blood shed in our town!)

Is the city of Wilmington ruled by 9 D.C. jackasses (a.k.a. SCOTUS?)  Or is the city of Wilmington free to uphold justice regardless of the decisions of “the Court”?

Is it in the name of “law and order” or “democracy” that we ought to submit ourselves to blood-shedding tyrants who make their temporary home in Washington and presume to rule over us?  Do they presume to make us submit to their heinous, blasphemous decrees?

Not my town.  Not as long as I breathe.

And I suspect that there are a few other Christians about the neighborhood who would make the same stand.

Peace be to those who love the Lord and His Law,

Michael Bray

P.s. I told my kids that just because a schoolmate shits his (or her) pants, they, in turn, must not necessarily shit their own.  Likewise, I would ask them and astute fellow citizens to consider that just because some lefty D.C. jackasses decriminalize baby-slaughter in the nation, must we allow the same in our neighborhoods?

Ought we not “Defend our Rights” as our forefathers did when tyrants overtaxed them?  Huh!  And is not baby butchering a greater offense than “Taxation without representation”?

Did they have a greater cause for disobedience and revolution than we do now?

We are not talking about “We defend our rights” or “Taxation without representation.”  We are talking about a multiply greater offense, a much greater injustice.  A grave error, a crime, an atrocity is the issue at hand.

Can’t fix it at the “national level”?  Been 44 YEARS!!!!!!

Time to focus on the holocaust locally.  My town.  Legalized child-slaughter: “Not gonna happen as long as I breathe.”  That is the confession every true patriot must make.

Alabama has a poignant state motto: Audemus jura nostra defendere:  “We Dare Defend Our Rights.”

We would do well to take up the motto of the state of Alabama and apply it to a situation worthy of such a resolution and elevated all the more by the call the defend not our rights but those of another, someone weaker.  It is much more right and noble to defend the rights of another.  And how weak and helpless and defenseless is the child in the womb!  Defend THEIR rights as little ones created in HIS image!

(28 June, 2018)

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