Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Sheriff

3 July, 2018

The Sheriff is the reeve of the shire
Keeping us out of the mire
Yeah, he keeps us from all we dread
From threats from the living
If not the dead

Oh we need more than this
To see that Place of bliss
We need a solution, we need Salvation
Not just a license or a pass
Got to have a new nation

Got to have the Law
The basis of it all
Can’t do with simulation
Or sloppy imitation

Got to have the Big Ten
Just stop and think again
If you can’t sing His song
Just take up the bong
Smoke your life away
Nothing more to say

Bring on that badge
He rules from sea to sea
The KOG is coming
The Sheriff, it is He
From the Lawless rule of men
He brings the victory



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