Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Press on, Shelley!

9 Nov., 2018


(The following responds to the report in the Kansas City Star on 7 November, 2018, at the above link on Shelley’s release from prison.)

She was “released” after 25 real literal years.  But . . .

O puuuleeeaaase Judy Thomas!  How long are you going to haul water for the abortionists?  So say I after reading her piece in the Kansas City Star where she reports on Shelley Shannon’s “release” from prison.  She has spent 25 years locked up and now she is “free” to live in some half-way house with one tight rope to walk and another around her neck for the rest of her life.

And what nasty deed could a woman possibly commit to earn such wrath from our government?  She winged an abortionist – intentionally.  That’s right.  She just could not kill the son-of-a-bitch.  (Believe me.  She chose, intentionally, to disable the abortionist rather than to terminate  George Tiller.)  It is not that she thought it wrong to terminate the murderer.  She knew full well that her actions – even in terminating a serial murderer – were right in the eyes of any righteous judge and absolutely right before God.  But she had mercy on the damned abortionist!

The decrepit judge, one James A. Redden, said most judgmentally to Shelley on September 8, 1995 at sentencing, “I am loathe to call anyone a terrorist, you are a terrorist.”  Indeed, and the judge will face his own terror when he meets the One who will honor Shelley on that great Day when the Almighty brings down His wrath upon all those who murder the innocents and earn their place in hell.

Thomas goes on to cite the grave fears of the abortion “providers” and a few of their cheerleaders.

Katherine Spillar, the executive director of the rabidly pro-abortion Feminist Majority Foundation screeches as follows:

We’re extremely concerned.  We’re alerting providers, briefing them and making sure they have enough security precautions in place.

Thomas cites Stephen Peifer, the lead prosecutor on Shannon’s federal case in Portland in 1995:

She’s completely unrehabilitated and totally incorrigible.  She has the same mentality and goals that she had when she was convicted. She may do something violent herself, but that’s not as likely as her counseling and advising other people to do it. That’s her track record. [No her record is quite clear.  She did the so-called crime and is doing the time.  No talking and advising here. Can’t have it both ways, persecutor. She is a “doer of the Word.”  She loves the weak and has laid down her life for them.]

My oh my.  These “providers” and their sleazy defenders do whine for naught!  The feds, since 1995 have had in place FACE, the euphemistically named Freedom of Access the Clinic Entrance law which makes it a federal crime to block or impede anyone from going into an abortuary.  Got to protect those sanctuaries?  Big fines and jail time threats have shut down most efforts to save babies from death by abortion.   Abortionists live pretty fear-free, except for that rare abortionist threatened by his own conscience.

Thanks be to Shelley Shannon for her good deeds.  She will get the reward up there to the shame of those who gave her no honor and thanks down here.


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