Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

The Biblical Optimist

10 Nov., 2018

The wicked have murdered their own progeny.  The righteous will rise and rule in their place.

In view of the American (and, indeed, world-wide, thanks to American influence abroad) holocaust of the past 44 years since SCOTUS imposed Roe upon the world, there is ray of optimism to be found.  The wicked have murdered their own progeny.   The righteous will rise in their place with the opportunity to establish the Law of God and bless mankind therewith.

Yes, He moves among His own, invincible to the human ecclesiastical constructs – Romanism, Protestantism, Orthodoxy, et al.  His people gather under these and other banners as the church holy and militant.  He is with them as they break the bread and submit themselves to “one another” – elders, priests, deacons, bishops, pastors.  He moves where He wills, sovereignly – sometimes openly, sometimes mysteriously.

The sovereign and mighty Lord of the nations will not be denied His rights.  The Lord, Christ, will be exalted in the earth.  The nations will bow to Him and His holy and good Law.

Abortion and sodomy will once again be rejected as the light dawns again before the nations and the eyes of the rulers are opened to Truth and Justice.  The Spirit’s will cannot be resisted.  He will exalt Messiah before the nations and bring them to repentance.  This is true and Biblical optimism.

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