Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

May, 2021

David Was a Fornicator

(2 Sam 11) David was a good fornicator Yeah, he was a murder too. He double crossed Uriah And sent him out to die. What a slut was our man, David! What would it take to save him?Uriah was a man of his word; Wouldn’t do a thing absurd. Stable in all his ways Should […]

A Letter From Prince Roe

A Letter From Prince Roe To the Bishop of Wade I write to you, good Sir, on the matter of a merciful deed contemplated on behalf of those in darkness.  There must always be, I believe, compassion extended to those walking in darkness.  Accordingly, a new ministry is in the offing, even at the door […]

Kick Oregon Out of the Union!

The state is a disgrace!  In the name of freedom of speech they tolerate demonic anarchy!  Yeah!  And all proceeding from a cowering toleration of rioting punks who claim to be honoring a derelict chump named George Floyd!  The state leaders are wholly inept! Incompetent! Disloyal!  Failures!  Kick them out and let the rest of […]

Oh the Wicked Hate the Truth

Oh the wicked hate the Truth And ’tis their nature to suppress it Wandering as they do from to to fro They throw their lives right out the door Always looking and asking for more. But what they find in life as they grind Is darkness, the end of a fallen mind. Searching? No just […]

There Is That Sound

There is that sound, a simple song Keeps you walkin’ toward that gate. ‘Tis a motivating tune Moves you on so soon So you don’t forget your Life, The One who gave a wife And all she means to you. Oh what would you do Without that lovely girl Much more than a lifeless pearl […]

Imprecation Meditation

Pin a medal on his chest! He couldn’t wait for an arrest Had to terminate the killer now. Couldn’t wait for a “decision,” SCOTUS and all their bogus, Had to get right to the issue. More than just a matter of tissue. Took a knife to that butcher, Couldn’t wait another hour! Had it all […]

Find Your Own Way

Don’t like what I say? Can’t stand the way I play? Maybe it’s your turpitude That gives you such an attitude! Get up off your back And clean up your own act Don’t like the way I do it? Come on!  You can intuit! Find your own way to do Right. You can dream and […]

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