Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

David and Joab Did Conspire

(2 Sam. 11)

David and Joab did conspire
To kill Uriah in the heat of the fire.
‘Twas a war!  A real hot battle:
Sabers, spears and lots of rattle.
He put that husband right out front
And those blades weren’t dull or blunt.
The enemies cut the man right down;
Blood and guts were all around.
Thought it was the end of that Hittite
Figured he could go on with his life.
Well, the Lord brings judgment on nations:
War, famine, and diseases;
Brings it down any way He pleases.
So Uriah was dead and gone
And David’s troubles have not begun.
When you think you got a plan,
Don’t forget about the Man!
When the Lord comes down
He doesn’t mess around
Stick it to yuh! Give yuh what chu need.
Bringin’ justice with all due speed.

0620 on 27 May, 2021

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