Michael Bray

Author of A Time To Kill

Imprecation Meditation

Pin a medal on his chest!
He couldn’t wait for an arrest
Had to terminate the killer now.
Couldn’t wait for a “decision,”
SCOTUS and all their bogus,
Had to get right to the issue.
More than just a matter of tissue.
Took a knife to that butcher,
Couldn’t wait another hour!
Had it all within his own power.
Get up and get ‘er done;
Never was about the fun.
When a soldier goes to war,
Can’t wait for an open door,
Got to do what he got to do.
Practice justice and do what’s true.
And when I think of Everding
A false teacher of the Methodist thing
Stealing souls as he undermines the Word,
Says the Resurrection was absurd.
May he do down well to hell
Where the liars and the wretched dwell.

Finish on 24 May at 0715 (the usual ante-meridian thing)

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